after sales question

1. When can we apply for a return?

After the goods purchased by newomi, you can apply for return within 15 days after confirming the receipt. Cross-border goods

(related to customs clearance and time limit) can apply for return within 7 days after confirmation of receipt; individual goods

(for example, short-term Overseas food, clothing for personal use, etc.) may not support 7 days for no reason to return,

please pay attention to the special instructions on the product page, you can apply for after-sales service on my order page to submit a return application

2. If I am not satisfied with the goods, can I apply for a replacement?

Due to the strict customs supervision policy, the goods sold by Newomi do not support the exchange service.

3. How to deal with the quality problems of the purchased goods?

Newomi promises to comply with the after-sales return policy, you can apply for a return service during the after-sales processing cycle.

4. How long does it take to process the return period?

 Under normal circumstances, the processing will be completed within 15 days from the date of receipt of the problem goods.

Please refer to the refund instructions for the refund time of each payment method.

5. Why is the after-sales application not approved?


You can check the reason for the failure of the review on the after-sales application page.

6. Who should bear the return shipping cost?

 Return shipping instructions please see the refund instructions

7. When can I receive a refund?

 We will process the refund for you as soon as possible. Please refer to the refund instructions for the specific refund time.

8. What should I do if I reject it?

 If you refuse, the goods will be returned to the designated warehouse in the country. After the after-sales personnel contact you to confirm,

you can contact the customer service staff for refund.

9. When I initiate a return request, can I get a refund as long as I return the package?

 When newomi signs the shipment, it is confirmed that the item is well preserved and does not affect the secondary sale.

 The customer will then refund the refund. The newomi signing of the shipment is not a proof of whether or not the refund is made.

10. Is there an invoice for the goods purchased at newomi?

 Newomi sells cross-border overseas products and cannot issue domestic invoices. Please understand.

11. Are there any Chinese labels for ingredients and usage methods for overseas products purchased at newomi?

 Newomi is a cross-border e-commerce. The relevant departments of the country do not require cross-border imported goods to display the language

label of the country. Newomi guarantees that the goods you purchase are genuine Chinese overseas, please rest assured!

Second, the payment problem

1. When you click to confirm the payment, please do not close the newly opened page.

2. If your payment information paypal is not transmitted to us in time, the goods are not purchased successfully at this time,

your current order status is the status of pending payment; we will contact paypal the next day and check your payment status, if your account

There is no abnormality, we will help you complete the purchase immediately. If there is an abnormality in your account, the corresponding money will be returned to your payment account.

3. Open the payment page and say “This page cannot be displayed” or a blank page. What could be the reason?

A. The IE browser is not upgraded, resulting in a low encryption level and no access to the banking system.

B. The Internet environment or Internet access is limited. It may be restricted by the network service provider. It is recommended to replace the Internet access method.

C. Try to refresh the page; if the refresh does not solve the problem, probably due to the browser cache settings, please clear the temporary file in the IE menu -> Tools ->

Internet Options -> click "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Files" .