In order to facilitate customers to reduce transportation costs, Newomi cooperates with multiple logistics companies. There are multiple transportation channels, air, land, and sea. All express delivery.

We will choose the appropriate logistics for shipment according to your country.

Some countries can choose dedicated line logistics, such as India.
Choose dedicated line logistics, customers do not need to clear customs and pay tariffs by themselves, all tasks will be completed by the logistics company.

For sea freight, the general sea freight arrival time takes 35-45 days. When the package arrives at the destination, UPS will be delivered to the door. You need to keep the phone open and check the mail information at all times.

When the customer receives the package, he needs to check the status of the package immediately to see if it is damaged. If damage is found, you need to contact our customer service staff as soon as possible.Our staff will solve it for you as soon as possible.