Newomi provide air, land, sea and other shipping methods.

1. DHL

DHL International Express is a market leader in the global express industry.It covers more than 120,000 destinations and provides special delivery and courier services for corporate and private customers. Our company is Dhl's first-class agent and enjoys the safe, stable and timely service of cargo passage.

DHL service: covering 220 countries and regions.

DHL time limit: 2-7 working days for global delivery.

DHL's advantage: DHL's timeliness guarantee ranks first among the four major express delivery, safety and stability rank first among the four major express delivery, and global customs clearance capabilities are balanced.

Disadvantages of DHL: DHL's price is more expensive than the prices of the other three express companies.


Fedex is one of the world's largest express delivery companies, providing fast and reliable express services to more than 220 countries and regions. Suitable for users who send valuables and have high time limit.

Low price-large items are cheaper than other express.

Fast-4 working days.

Whole process tracking-the package can be tracked after it is handed over to our company for processing Value-added services-value-added services can be provided, such as additional package insurance, wrong address forwarding, return arrangements, etc.

Advantages of FedEx: The price advantage of FedEx ranks first among the four major express delivery, among which European countries are the most prominent.

The disadvantage of Fedex: poor timeliness.

3. UPS

UPS is the world's largest package delivery company. Committed to supporting global business development. China Ups International Express represents Ups' advanced technology and team support to provide you with high-quality and fast service.

UPS' advantages: strong customs clearance capabilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, timeliness guarantee and price balance.

Disadvantages of UPS: There are many restrictions on exports.

4. TNT

TNT International Express is the world's leading express postal service provider, providing a full range of express and postal services to corporate and individual customers.

Priority express service: Reference time 3-5 working days

Economic express service: reference time 3-9 working days

Whole process tracking-after handing over the package to our company for processing, value-added services can be tracked-value-added services can be provided, such as additional package insurance, address error forwarding, return arrangements, etc.

TNT's advantages: strong customs clearance capabilities in the Middle East and Africa.

4. EMS

China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd., based on e-mail business, designed and launched an electronic express delivery service to provide convenient, fast, stable, preferential prices and a full range of inquiry services for China's cross-border e-commerce.

Tariff discount-50g lifting and renewal

Fast and stable time limit

Convenient customs clearance-safe and fast customs clearance after EDI

Complete tracking-provide real-time complete tracking information