Shipping & Delivery

  • What Countries does Newomi Deliver to?

    We can deliver orders to most countries in the world. Goods are sent from our warehouse by courier, and delivered direct to your door (home or company address).

  • Product packaging

    All our packaging will use foam and carton packaging, we will change the carton according to the volume of the product, and then ship it when it reaches the safest state for parcel processing

  • How to ship multiple items purchased at once

    If you purchase multiple items at newomi at one time, our staff will ship all the gifts you ordered at one time. You only need to obtain a tracking number. You can check the shipping information of all gifts in real time through the tracking number.

  • What is Newomi's shipping process?

    After receiving the customer's order, Newomi will pack the package, and then send the package to China's shipping center. After receiving the package, the shipping center will arrange the package according to the storage situation. The tracking number will be provided when the package is on the shipped aircraft, so after you pay the order, you need to wait 2-4 days to get the tracking number

After Sales Service

  • Customs inspection

    All parcels sent abroad need to go through foreign customs, and customs inspection of parcels is basically in the form of random inspection. If the customs thinks that your package is special (for example: large, heavy or contains sensitive goods, etc.), the customs will generally contact the recipient to provide invoices or customs clearance documents. The cost of the package being returned or destroyed due to the inability to contact the recipient or the recipient’s failure to actively contact the customs clearance will be borne by the recipient.

  • Precautions for goods receipt
    1. Before signing for receipt, check whether the outer packaging of the goods is intact, whether the sealing of the box is intact, and whether there is an obvious difference in weight.
    2. Regardless of whether the package is found to be obviously damaged or torn off, it must be inspected in front of the courier before signing, and remarks on the waybill will be signed before signing or if there is a problem, it will be directly refused.
    3. If the package that is not signed in front of the courier is damaged or missing, please keep the outer packing box (including the sealed tape) and report it to the local post office within 2 days after signing (according to the delivery time of the logistics provider's website).And provide goods invoices, physical photos and other information to contact us to apply for compensation from the post office for you
    4. The normal receipt of the goods marks the end of the entire transshipment process. Our company will not be responsible for any situation that occurs after the normal receipt of the goods.
    5. After the parcel is signed for, if you have any questions, please feedback to the customer service within 72 hours of signing, and no longer will be accepted after the deadline

    Exemption clause

    1. Fragile and vulnerable products, regardless of whether you choose to strengthen the packaging, they only participate in the loss claim, not the damage claim
    2. Dangerous goods and prohibited goods do not participate in the claim (for example: compressed gas, liquefied gas, flammable liquid, acid-base corrosive goods and other national prohibited goods)
    3. Losses or expenses caused by natural wear and tear, essential defects, characteristics, and the rise and fall of the market price of the goods shall not participate in the claim
    4. All or part of the loss caused by natural disasters such as severe weather, thunder and lightning, tsunami, earthquake, flood and natural disasters during the transportation of goods
    5. Goods due to weather, customs clearance and other force majeure factors, resulting in over-shelf-period, over-warranty, over-delivery cycles, etc. will not participate in compensation
    6. Due to customs reasons, you need your cooperation and assistance in related operations (including but not limited to paying customs duties), but your refusal to cooperate prevents the package from being delivered within the time limit promised by the transshipment service provider, and the resulting losses, responsibilities and consequences shall be borne by you , The transshipment logistics provider does not bear any responsibility./li>
  • If your Item is Delivered Missing Some of Its Parts

    If a key part of your product is missing on delivery, here is how we can solve the problem for you:

    1. Contact us first, with your order number and product code; we will help to clarify what part is missing.
    2. For major, expensive and integral product parts we may need to follow it up as a "lost/stolen in delivery"
    3. If the part is small or an accessory, we will most likely be able to help you by simply re-sending it.
  • What if fragile items are damaged?

    If the goods purchased through newomi are fragile products (such as glass, ceramic products, etc., including but not limited to the above products), in view of the current logistics company’s regulations on the transportation of fragile goods, Newomi guarantees the integrity of the goods before shipment, butIf the goods are damaged during the delivery process and are judged to be fragile by the logistics, the loss arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

Payment method

  • Why the refund has not been received within 48 hours?

    When you apply for a refund to newomi via paypal, our staff will send the refund request to paypal after reviewing it. Generally, it will arrive in your account within 48 hours. If you haven't received the refund within 48 hours, you can consult our customer service for the refund status.

  • Paypal is not available in my country?

    Paypal can only be implemented in most countries, but there are still a few countries that cannot be used, such as Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, etc.

    What about countries where PayPal is not available? At this point, you can contact our customer service staff and send your product link and quantity to our customer service staff. Our staff will calculate the total cost for you and send you other payment methods. You can pay by transfer.

  • What if i don't have paypal?

    If you do not have a paypal account, you can register a personal account through paypal and bind your bank card or credit card.

  • I have paid successfully, but have not shipped?

    Newomi cooperates with paypal. When you have successfully paid using your paypal account, but have not shipped, you need to consult customer service staff immediately.

    Maybe your payment has not reached the newomi account yet. At this time, our staff will confirm with paypal.After confirming that there is no problem, we will ship it for you immediately.

For any queries, our Customer service is always happy to help you and to work together to resolve any issues.