Customs Clearance & Duties

  • Newomi and freight logistics partners will carry out the necessary customs clearance and customs clearance in China.
  • Buyers are responsible for customs clearance in their own country. The buyer shall ensure that the products it purchases comply with the customs import rules and regulations of the country.
  • When a buyer purchases a branded item, the buyer is responsible for obtaining the license of the brand owner. Newomi is not responsible for obtaining the license of the brand owner.
  • When the goods arrive at the country of the buyer or the country indicated by the buyer, the buyer is responsible for cleaning up the home customization process. Newomi is not responsible for ensuring that the product clears the buyer's customs in its country.
  • Buyers are responsible for paying any form of customs duty or tax in their country or destination country. If the buyer refuses to pay the customs duty, the customs will return the goods to the country of origin. Buyers will be responsible for paying return shipping and storage costs.
  • If the buyer does not file a claim or settlement cost three months after returning to the country of origin, the carrier, logistics company or Newomi has the right to sell the product to the public to recover the cost. Any balance will be refunded to the buyer and any difference must be borne by the buyer.

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