How to shop at Newomi

You can browse our website and choose the products you want to buy. Once you have found the product,
you can click on it and put it in your shopping cart. Once you have completed your purchase on the website,
you can continue to pay. Because the transportation cost of each item is different,
our site only provides an estimated transportation cost for most of the goods.
The actual shipping cost needs to be obtained after the logistics company weighs.
We will confirm the actual shipping cost before shipment,
once the user purchases If the product exceeds the estimated shipping price by weight or size,
we will inform the user by email that the user will receive the recharged mail to replenish the delivery goods.
After the user recharges, we will ship the goods. Otherwise, we can only request the user to apply for refund.
The whole shopping process is protected by paypal

Purchase process

Register an Account / Login Find a Product Add to Cart Submit Orders Pay for Goods View Order Status.

1. Register and login to the website

2. Add to the shopping cart

  • After selecting the item,you can "buy it now" or "join then shopping cart".

  • In the shopping cart, the system defaults to 1 order per item. If you want to purchase more than one item, you can modify the quantity purchased.
  • You can delete the item in the shopping cart.
  • Browse the items to be purchased, select the quantity to purchase, click "Check out" button and settle directly.

3. Submit the order

  • Fill in the shipping information, add the receiving information
  • You can add or modify shipping information.
  • If you have multiple shipping information, you can choose other.

  • Leave a message and choose logistics.

  • Next choose payment method and submit order.

  • The order is submitted successfully, the page will automatically redirect to the payment method page and pay the order..

4. View order

  • You can go to the Personal Center - My Orders to view the order details.

For any queries, our Customer service is always happy to help you and to work together to resolve any issues.