Refund policy

Newomi sells all the products from major Chinese manufacturers or suppliers, insisting on genuine guarantees, and accepting worry-free after-sales.

Products purchased at Newomi are supported for return within 7 days, except for individual products (for example, short-lived foods, underwear items for personal use, etc.)

Worry-free return time, you can apply for a return within 15 days from the next day after the customer receives the goods.

After you submit the return information and confirm the return request by the merchant customer service, the customer will return all the goods to the merchant, and the merchant will return the payment to the original payment account of the customer through paypal.

Support return conditions

  • Product quality issues;
  • Loss of goods spill loss
  • The goods and products themselves are kept in the original packaging and the accessories are complete, which does not affect the secondary sales.

Return policy

  • The special instructions on the product details page have stated that “no support for 15 days without return”, non-quality and shipping problems, does not support return;
  • Any goods not sold by Newomi will not be returned; the products containing anti-counterfeiting code will not be returned once the anti-counterfeiting code coating has been scraped or altered; the anti-counterfeit label will not be returned once it has been damaged or modified; 3C Digital The product serial number is inconsistent with the outbound goods and will not be returned; and other goods that cannot be judged whether they are sold by Newomi will not be returned;
  • The product page clearly informs that the goods belonging to the Linbao are not returned;
  • The quality problems caused by the customer's unauthorized alteration of the goods will not be returned;
  • Items that are missing or cannot match the main product such as accessories and warranty cards are not returned;
  • Webpage product pictures and information are for reference only. Due to problems such as shooting lights and different monitor color differences, there may be color difference between the physical objects and the webpage promotional images. It is not a quality problem and will not be returned.
  • The customer will misreport the reason for the return due to the customer's personal ability or the difference between the use environment and the product attributes, and will not return the goods;
  • Other goods that do not support returning according to the law or these rules and regulations are not returned.

For any queries, our Customer service is always happy to help you and to work together to resolve any issues.