For example: 160 / 68A, "160" refers to height, "68" refers to chest circumference / waist circumference, and "a" is classified according to body type: a = normal body, B = fat body; C = fat body; y = lean body.

1. According to the length of pants, some trousers are divided into S R L, where s is the short version, R is the normal version, and l is the long version. Some types of pants such as jeans: 29w × 30L ("W29" means 29 inch waist, and "30L" refers to the inside length of pants [length from crotch joint to leg] is 30 inch, each inch = 2.54cm).

2. Because there are many Taobao stores, the size standard of each shop is different, and there is no strict standard. Therefore, it is suggested that you should take the measurement value of three circumference as the main reference basis when selecting the clothing size. Please keep the tape measure straight and loose around the body when measuring the body size, and there may be 1-3cm error in manual measurement.

3. To measure the foot size, it is recommended that you measure it in the afternoon as much as possible. At this time, the foot will be larger. People's feet are only basically symmetrical. Please take the data of the larger foot as the criterion. At present, the size of shoes in China only has the size of length, and there is no unified calibration for the width. If you have a wide foot type, it is suggested that you can buy more than half of the shoes.